About Resurrection OC

Two years ago in a living room in Salt Lake City, God begin to place a dream in the hearts of the Hales and Reed families to start a new church in Orange County. What would this new church look like? Through much prayer and discussion, three key conecpts began to emerge:

Gospel. We want to be a safe place to show people what the Kingdom of God is like. We want Resurrection OC to be a people characterized by the rich mercy and grace of a loving Father: a Father who sent his son into the world, not to shame us, but to take our sin and give us his righteousness. This is good news indeed.

Vulnerability. We long to be a church that ministers from a place of vulnerability, not of having it all together. The good news propels us to live, not hidden behind our picket fences or with our new appliances, but open-handed, vulnerable lives. To be brave, to show up, to love others boldly. We have been welcomed to a table by a gracious host and so we welcome others into our lives and to that table, to feast and to experience the grace and belonging we all desperately crave. And it starts here, with us. We're committed to stepping out, to being vulnerable because all our favorite people are broken. We trust a God who says His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Beauty. We want to celebrate beauty, from the beach sunset, to art and music and literature, to noticing the beauty that infuses our daily lives. We don't have to be defined by the tyranny of the urgent, we don't have to worship the god of busyness; we can slow down, because our God will supply all of our needs out of his glorious riches. We can be lovers of beauty because our God loves beauty. We can do all things with purpose--from parenting, to our jobs, to a good meal--and we can celebrate the ordinary moments of beauty that show us God's grace in tangible ways.

We’re on a journey to start this new church together, will you join us? If this vision moves you, please drop us a line and get in touch. We invite you to join us as we seek new life together!



Network We are proud to be part of the RUF Church Planting Network. As a church plant with limited infrastructure, we lean on RUF to provide invaluable support in networking, training, and administration.

Belief We are a new church, but we are not making things up as we go--we stand on the shoulders of our Christian brothers and sisters who have gone before us. We are guided by the Westminster Confession of Faith, a biblically rich statement of faith that aims to point us to the overwhelming majesty of God in all things. These documents have instructed biblically faithful churches for hundreds of years.

Denomination Officially connected with 2,000 other churches across the country, our relationship with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) provides our new congregation with a sense of rootedness. Rather than being lead by a personality or a mob-mentality, these connections assure our congregation that their pastor and other leaders are accountable.